The Jerish was once a great warrior and leader among the Naga, and a terror to the Ashalan. [1]

Cursing Nirukti Edit

The Jerish entered the Great Sleep, but was killed by the forces of Hantei XI during the destruction of Nirukti. The Jerish had not rejoined the Akasha, [1] his spirit lingered there, furious at his loss. His wrath made the ruins of the Naga city lethal to any who dared enter. [2]

Reincarnated Edit

In the 12th century the Jerish reincarnated as a human. This was eventually discovered by the Qolsa who informed the Zamalesh. Zamalesh travelled to Crab lands where it, with the aid of Kuni Umibe, discovered that the Jerish had been reincarnated as Hida Fubatsu. [1]

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