Janan Twins

Janan Twins

The Janan Twins were considered the living testament to the Ebonite oath. [1]

Twins Edit

One of the sisters was Kamilah, and the other Zahra. [2]

Fighting Edit

The twins sisters fought inside Ghassan's gambling house against a Khadi, being quickly suffused by the Senpet city guard. [1]

Avatar of the Goddess Edit

Kamilah wounded

Kamilah wounded

Zahra was discovered as one of the Avatar of the Goddess. She would aid to fulfill a prophecy which would release a Goddess. [3] Somehow Kamilah guessed it would destroy the Ebon Stone, releasing its evil inside. The only duty of the Order of the Ebon Hand was to avoid it. [4] Kamilah attacked her sister, and after a ferocious battle both became wounded but Zahra managed to flee. [2] Zahra struggled through the sewers to the City of the Seventh Star to fulfill her part in the prophecy. [5]

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