Janan Barakah 
Janan Barakah 
Born: Unknown 
Siblings: Julianna Barakah

Janan Barakah was a pirate captain in the Burning Sands.

Pirate Edit

He had a Sand ship which he moved over the sands with the aid of the wind. [1] He called himself "Sultan of the Sands", and he had a sister, Julianna Barakah, who worked alongside him and used her magical gifts to avoid their capture. [2]

Enemies Edit

Great Hunt

The Great Hunt

Janan was hunted by Haythum Za'nul, another sand pirate, for copper, glory, and the hand of her sister. [3] Haythum and Janan worked together for a time, in the called "Great Hunt". [4]

Friends Edit

Janan loved adventure, wine, and women, as his friend Seff. With their competitive nature they provoked many scandalous affairs. It ended when Seff took liking of the Immortal Caliph and became his lover for a time. The Caliph had four Seff's trophies from this relationship, and Seff bore an eyepatch, so he began to be known as Seff Seven-Fingers. [5]

Sand ship destroyed Edit

Hole in the World

Sand ship is destroyed

Somehow the pirates reached to the location were the City of Orphans was hovering over the desert. A funnel of sand appeared and the ship was ripped apart. [6] Haythum found the shipwreck, but not the Barakah, who had left the place [7]

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