Born: Unknown 
Died: 1165 
Parents: Old Man of the Mountain 
Siblings: Fatima,
Adira (adopted)

Jamilah, the "Silken Ghost", was a member of the Assassins. [1]

Family Edit

She was daughter of the Leader of the Assassins, the first Old Man of the Mountain, Hassan al-Alamut, and had several brothers: Fatima, Haroun, and the adopted Adira. [2]

Silken Ghost Edit

Jamilah used a trademark long robes that gave her namesake. [2]

Raiding Caravans Edit

Jamilah raiding a caravan

Jamilah raiding a caravan

Jamilah began to raid the caravans of the Merchant Kings. [3]

Silver Tongue Edit

She was hired to killed the Silver Tongue, a Merchant King of the Houses of Dahab, [4] and achieved it in 1132. [1]

Traditionalist Edit

After the Old Man of the Mountain's death a war for the control of the Traditionalists who did not follow the new Caliph Adira. When in 1134 her sister Chandra was found dead, Jamilah and Faida threw their support behind their older sister Shala. [5]

Second War against the Dahabi Edit

In 1165 she killed two Merchant Kings leaving their bodies in the ritual fashion of the Daughters of the Mountain. [2] When she heard that another Merchant King had adopted the title of the Old Man, she went to clean the insult. [1]

Death Edit

Jamilah entered the house of this Merchant King, and she was confronted by him. The Dahabi was brother, Haroun, who supposedly was dead. He was acompanied by nine Qadaam, known as The Cursed and Jamilah tried to flee. Her brother threw a Dhul Fiqar Knife killing her. [2] Her deeds were recorded in the Jamilah's Tale. [6]

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