Born: Unknown 
Died: 1198

Jahan was a gaijin Kshatriya Scout of the Ivory Kingdoms. He was one of the few survivors the madness Kali-Ma and the Cult of Ruhmal left. [1]

Explosives Edit

Jahan had been in contact with Daidoji, and he acquired knowledge of explosives from them. [2]

Allied to the Crane Edit

In 1198 Jahan found Daidoji Tametaka clutching to the floating wreckage of his ship, and showed him a distinct deference after they had noticed the mon of the Crane on his armor. Natives of the Kingdoms dragged Tametaka out of sea and served beside him since. They aided Tametaka against the Mantis, who were fighting the Crane at that time. Somehow they were found by Kakita Hideo, the Keeper of Obsidian. [2] Tametaka's fleet would attempt to break the Mantis siege of Twin Forks City. Jahan was onboard the Bladed Wing as his guest, to witness his own work against the Crane's enemies. [3]

Death Edit

The Crane planted explosives in the sides of the enemy commander's ship, the Third Kama, and they exploded when the ship was ramming the Bladed Wing. Nearly all of the men on the water were consumed by the blast. The Crane fleet was practically wiped out, and only few Mantis ships survived, [3] in the Battle of Ten Thousand Martyrs.

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