Please note: This article is about the curious race native to the Sea of Shadows which was first known as Jadoku no Oni. For other uses of the term, please see Jadoku (disambiguation).

Jadoku was first known as Jadoku no Oni, a supposed sea oni which resembled a man-sized blowfish with long poisonous spines. Jadoku sneaked close to prey, inflated, then followed the poisoned creature until its death. [1] These curious creatures native to the Sea of Shadows were eventually found they were actually a unique species, or possibly even a stable species of corrupted fish. [2]

Apperance Edit

Jadoku resembled large fish with a large, beak-like mouth with hard mandibles and no teeth, and their skin was covered with short, flexible spines. Jadoku were solitary hunters of smaller fish, swimming into the midst of a school and inflated themselves to an almost completely spherical state, injecting the deadly poison found in their spines. Jadoku also became intent on feeding when they smelled blood. While inflated, the jadoku's hide was rigid and extremely hard. [2]

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