Jade Statue of Emma-O
Created by: Kaiu family
First used by: Unkown
Currently in the possession of: Shrines of the Dead

The Jade Statue of Emma-O was a statue of Emma-O, the Fortune of Death, made from solid jade and which was actually imbued with a fraction of the Fortune's essence. When maho spells were cast in the vicinity, or the hungry dead appeared to bedevil the people of the Lair, the statue came to life. [1]

Origin Edit

The Jade Statue was a gift made by the Kaiu Daimyo to the Boar who lived in the remote valley of the Twilight Mountains known as the Lair, shortly before the valley cut itself off from the Emerald Empire. The stature was placed in the largest shrine of the Shrines of the Dead, in the shrine of the original ruler of the Lair, Heichi Jomei. [2]


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