Jade Magistrate

Jade Magistrate

Jade Magistrates were the forces of the Jade Champion. They were tasked with crimes involving magic and the arcane. [1]

Creation Edit

The Emperor Toturi I created the organization in the onset of the War of Spirits, but he had been inspired by the sacrifice during the Clan War of Morito Tokei, a ronin shugenja of Toturi's Army. The actions of a lone man had saved Nanashi Mura from the attack of an Oni Lord, The Maw, leading Toturi to imagine what the Empire would be like with hundreds like him. After the Test of the Jade Champion was won by Kuni Utagu the Jade Magistrates were chosen and appointed under his command. [2]

Duty Edit

The Jade Magistrates were an elite corps of shugenja recruited for Imperial service and dedicated to enforcing Imperial law and protecting the Empire from blasphemy and other forms of religious subversion. [3] Specifically, the Jade Magistrates were some of the foremost hunters of maho-tsukai in Rokugan. Their primary goal was the eradication of blood magic throughout the Empire.[citation needed]

Jade Magistrate's chop Edit

The chop had a small handle made of a fragrant cherrywood, with jade embedded on the head of the stamp, the pieces raised so they could be used to imprint a symbol on paper. The symbol itself was quite elaborate: the kanji for Jade overlaid Imperial Chrysanthemum, and beneath it was the Jade Magistrate's own name. It was both symbol of a level of authority and a sign of the great trust put in the appointed magistrate. [4]

Fall of Otosan Uchi Edit

After the Fall of Otosan Uchi the Jade Magistrates were trained in Shinden Asahina under the supervision of the Jade Champion Asahina Sekawa. [5]

Known Jade Magistrates Edit

Known Technique and Feat Edit


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