Jade Goblets of Taira
Jade Goblet
Created by: Taira
First used by: Unknown
Currently in the possession of: Several

The three Jade Goblets of Taira were one of the few creations of Taira that still existed.

Appearance Edit

The Goblets were sculpted from gold and jade, with a inlay in the form of a dragon. The tail of the dragon run down to the base of the Goblet, circling its narrow circular handle. Rubies of the same size and shape were set upon the cup. The interior was made out of gold. [1]

Abilities Edit

The highly sought after goblets glowed brightly when within 100 feet of any Shadowlands creature, and any Shadowlands creature that accually saw the goblets would more then likely run away in fear from the glow. Drinking water from the goblets healed all wounds, sickness and poison. [2] [1]

History Edit

The locations of the goblets were a mystery. One of the goblets was given to the Nezumi Yoee'trr by Asako Hirariko, and its whereabouts are unknown after Tomorrow. [3] One might held by the Kitsu family. The second was either the one stolen from the Fox Clan by a ronin, or the one held by the Kitsu. [2] The third was found in the Tomb of Yu Weh by Yasuki Taka, but was destroyed during an unsuccessful assassination attempt planned by Bayushi Kachiko on Hantei XXXIX. [4]

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