Jackal Necromancer

Jackal Necromancer

Jackal Necromancer were Jackal sahir that mastered the magic knowledge of life and death.

Life and Death Edit

The Jackal possessed dark and powerful knowledge of how to manipulate life and death that was unmatched by anyone except the Qabal. They knew how to store life energy captured by the Soul of the Slayer in Soul Jars, and they knew how to create ghuls even without the use of that powerful artifact. [1]

Tradition Edit

The Necromancers held positions of respect within the cult. They served as a sort of priestly caste, creating and tending to the soul jars, and attending the Monkey Man and other important Jackal leaders when the occasion dictated. They kept largely to the strongkold of the Hall of Souls before its destruction in the Awakening. [2] Their presence stroke everyone as eerily intimidating, and was useful when Jackal leaders wished to make a point. Even if there was nothing else for them to do except stood and looked creepy, their knack at that alone made them useful to have them around. [1] They used dark robes, hiding their faces in their territory, the sewers of Medinaat al-Salaam. [3]

Known Techniques Edit

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