Izaku Tsuru 
Born: Unknown 
Died: c. 1150 
Spouse: Asako Miruko 
Children: Izaku Shiriko (adopted) 
Titles: Izaku Family Founder

Agasha Tsuru of House Izaku worked alongside Asako Miruko to accumulate the scrolls for the Izaku Library.

Quest and Reward Edit

Tsuru and Miruko roamed the Empire in search for lost knowledge, and when their task reached its fruition, their lords offered them, seperately, a single favor. [1]

The Phoenix daimyo offered Miruko to marry anyone she would like to marry, releasing her of the traditional matchmaking, and in light of this, she chose Tsuru. [1]

The Dragon Lord offered the same favor, but Tsuru wished for Miruko to marry a lord. Tsuru had come to love the Phoenix woman so much, and he wanted her to experience a secured and luxurious life. Both clans agreed. [1]

Izaku family Edit

The Dragon daimyo gave Tsuru an estate and named him the first Izaku, making him a lord and the first daimyo of the Izaku family. Afterwards, he offered Miruko to be his wife and she agreed. As their love had allowed the mystic knowledge of the Empire to be reborn, their children would protect that knowledge forever. [1]

Shared Library Edit

The Agasha family (who were not yet Phoenix) and Asako agreed to share the resources of the library so that both the Dragon and Phoenix might benefit. [1]

Children Edit

Tsuru and Miruko adopted Izaku Shiriko, whose parents died from the Wasting Disease during the Clan War. [1]

Death Edit

During the War of Spirits a shugenja named Yeiseo, a spirit serving the Steel Chrysanthemum, demanded that Tsuru granted his shugenja access. Tsuru and Miruko refused, so Yeiseo's henchmen killed them. His sister managed to keep the library's knowledge out of the spirits army, and after several months, news came to the Izaku that the Steel Chrysanthemum had been defeated by Toturi's armies. [2]

Preceded by:
Izaku Daimyo
? - (c. 1150)
Succeeded by:
Izaku Shiriko


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