Izaku Library

The Izaku Library

The Izaku Library was not just a holding that housed a great archive of knowledge, it was also the home of the Izaku family, one of the Agasha family vassals. The library expanded its construction and dominated the city of Heibeisu in the Agasha provinces. [1]

Foundation Edit

In 1128 refugees from the Agasha and Isawa Libraries met in the city of Heibeisu. They gathered in a minor library under construction by the Izaku family. Originally, the library had been intended to house texts on crop production and grain distribution, but its use was shifted to store the surviving knowledge of the lost libraries of the Phoenix, Dragon, and Brotherhood of Shinsei, becoming the greatest repository of magical knowledge [2] and religious lore of all Rokugan. [3]

Prophecies of Yurito Edit

As the Phoenix attempted to organize the Izaku libraries, prophecies of "shadows without names" and "forms without faces", written by the lost Inquisitor Asako Yurito, were found. [2] The contained some of the only organized information concerning the Lying Darkness stored in a vault deep beneath the castle of the adjacent town of Heibeisu. It was only opened by written order of the Izaku Daimyo. [3]

Between the Dragon and Phoenix Edit

Izaku Library 1

Inside the library

Though the Dragon and Phoenix considered this area as a neutral ground, the place was a focal point in the Dragon-Phoenix War. Both sides wanted to exploit the knowledge within the library for use as a weapon against the other. The Izaku knew that they could not serve serve either side in good faith if it led to the destruction of the other. As a result of this issue, they locked away all of the spell scrolls with military applications in the depths of the library, vowing to refuse access to these powerfull spell caches after the conflict had ended. [1] [4] Since then any questions or objections were always directed to their highest superiors in both the Phoenix and the Dragon Clans, and both the Agasha and the Tamori Daimyo had supported the Izaku. Some of the Tamor's research into the subject of Nemuranai was placed within the libraries. [3]

Known Masters Edit

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