Iyotisha (N1)

Iyotisha (N1), the name for the Naga reverence of astrology, [1] was the City of Astronomy, the hereditary home of the Naga Constrictor Bloodline. It fell into ruins during the Great Sleep. [2] It remained hidden deep within the western valleys of the Shinomen Mori and the temple of the Vedic priests remained whole. [3]

Appearance Edit

Everything in Iyotisha was constructed on a titanic scale, reflecting it was home of the massive Constrictor. AS the City of Astronomy its streets were laid out according to the cycles of the heavens, with great boulevards following the paths of the stars. The central temple of the Vedics was the largest single structure the Naga ever built: a huge circular hall with an oculus in the center of its vast dome, allowing the light of the Bright Eye and the Pale Eye to always reach inside. [4]

Great Sleep Edit

After the Great Sleep the city had fallen almost entirely into ruin, having a large number of trees inside the boundaries, their roots shattering foundations, and ivy tore down many walls. Only the temple remained intact. [4] The broken walls of Iyotisha were covered with strange script that only one familiar with the Naga Language could read. Iuchi Shugenja worked to translate the arcane symbols and reveal their meaning without success. [5]

Defenders Edit

In 1160 Naga Asp awakened to protect the city from the Tsuno, the beasts who used the Great Sleep of the Naga Race to travel between Spirit Realms. [6] The Khan gave the duty of protecting the city to the Twenty-Eighth Junghar Legion. [7] The few Constrictors who remained awake still dwelled in the temple. [4]


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