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Iweko Shibatsu

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Iweko Shibatsu 
Iweko Shibatsu 
Born: Unknown 
Parents: Iweko I,
Iweko Setai 
Siblings: Iweko II,
Iweko Miaka 
Titles: Imperial Heir (presumptive),
Acting Governor of the Colonies

Iweko Shibatsu was the second son of Iweko I and Iweko Setai. His older brother was Iweko Seiken, [1] and his only sister was Iweko Miaka. [2]

Raised by the Spider Edit

Shibatsu was raised by the Spider Clan in exchange for Daigotsu Kanpeki, who was fostered to the Imperial Families. [3] According to Moru, the Imperial Advisor, the Empress seconded him and not his older brother and heir apparent, Iweko Seiken, to Daigotsu's Clan in order to ensure that no "corrupted scion" would succeed her. Furthermore, Iweko Seiken was well acquainted with various clans and was brought up to be martially powerful, so that he could withstand any attempt to overthrow him. [4] His brother had no doubt that Shibatsu had endured his time with the Spider Clan well, because he was ever a sturdy child. [1]

Reputation Edit

Iweko Shibatsu 2

Iweko Shibatsu

While Shibatsu didn't question that those of lesser status would follow his orders, he noticed that others in Rokugan were uneasy around him because of his association with the Spider Clan. Unlike others, he didn't regard being fostered by the Spider a punishment or sacrifice, but a "convergence of destiny". [5]

Avoiding Conflict with Seiken Edit

He had met his brother, the heir apparent Iweko Seiken after his return from the Spider Clan only shortly, but already caused fear that he was pursuing a confrontation about the line of succession. In 1198 he confided to Susumu Kuroko that he considered the Spider his only true allies and that he didn't want to pursue such a conflict out of respect for his parents. He had arranged his return to the Colonies once he had secured the support of Kanpeki's clan with regards to this decision. [5]

Colonies Edit

Seiken and Shibatsu at Court

Shibatsu and his brother Seiken at Court

Acting Governor of the Colonies Edit

After the Siege of the Second City the Kuni Daimyo Kuni Renyu was appointed the interim Imperial Governor of the Colonies by Shinjo Kinto, who led the Ninth Imperial Legion. Shibatsu took the post for himself after a few days, and appointed Renyu's karo, Kuni Itsuko, as his advisor. Shibatsu ordered Kitsuki Horume to determine the depth of the former court's corruption, if any. [6] Eventually, word from the Toshi Ranbo reached the Second City. His mother had decreed that Renyu should be interim governor until she would choose someone to properly rule the Colonies in her name. [7]

P'an Ku's Madness Edit

In 1199, when P'an Ku's madness spread over the Second City, Shibatsu gave Yoritomo Saigo legitime travel papers so the Mantis could leave again the city. Saigo had been involved in the escape of Suikihime from the Imperials, so Shibatsu gave him a letter intedend for Lady Otomo, renewing the alliance of the Spider with her, and to pass his regards to Omigawa and Bayushi Shizuka, who had helped Suikihim to go into hiding. [8] Unknown to Saigo, Shibatsu sent a message to Suikihime's pursuer, Shinjo Tselu, about the travel the Mantis would take and whom he would meet. [9] Suikihime realized Shibatsu wished her return to the Second City, and willingly surrendered to an agent of the Ivory Champion. [10]

Dealing with the Crane Edit

Shibatsu requested the courtier Doji Iza to release Daigotsu Subudi, who had been taken hostage by the Crane during the riots in the Second City. By merely dealing with him, she might become the inroad through which the younger heir gained influence and allies in the Crane. [11]

P'an Ku's Defeat Edit

His brother Seiken moved to Second City, and alongside the Master of Air Isawa Mitsuko announced in the Ivory Court that P'an Ku would be summoned in the Imperial District, to be banished from the mortal realm. [12]

Blood of the Preserver Edit

After the defeat of P'an Ku the Spider Clan Champion, Daigotsu Kanpeki, gave the Blood of the Preserver to Shibatsu as a gift for the Empress, [13] a way to demonstrate the Spider support to him as proposed Imperial Heir. The Spider Champion presented it at the Ivory Court. [14]

A Brother's Destiny Edit

Iweko Shibatsu 3

Shibatsu, progresist

The more progressist samurai supported Shibatsu as Imperial Heir. [15] The Mantis had rallied to his banner while the Lion Clan supported his brother, [16] as well as the Scorpion. [17] Although the two brothers did not sanction action against one another, their followers began to take that initiative on their own. [18] At Imperial winter court his supporters formed an alliance, so-called Progressive, with the Spider, Crane, Mantis and Unicorn Clans. [19]

Outmanouvered by Force Edit

His brother Iweko Seiken returned to the Second City, and in presence of the Governor Suikihime, the Imperial Heir forced to have command upon half of the Ivory Legion and half of the Second City Guardsmen as well. [20]

The Samurai Caste Divides Edit

In the Ivory Court an unsanctioned duel between two followers of Seiken and Shibatsu quickly escalated. Members of the Dragon Clan attempted to arrest several parties involved in the initial melee, but there was resistance. The violence unleashed tensions throughout the city, and the fighting renewed in the Second City streets. Kanpeki reported to Shibatsu, who left the Second City to see his brother at once. [21] Shibatsu was advised by the Scorpion Clan that a massive attack planned by the traditionalist forces would arrest those loyal to his cause. He shared this information with Yoritomo Hiromi, in the estate of the Mantis Clan Champion at Kalani's Landing. [22] The Scorpion's information proved correct, and the reserves of the traditionalist forces were only the first to fall beneath the ruthless onslaught of the forces loyal to Shibatsu. [23] The Progressive forces would not had defeated Seiken's supporters without the duplicity of the Scorpion. [24]

Meeting with his Brother Edit

Seiken met his brother in his estate at the Second City, and they pondered the outgoing conflicts, such as the fight in the Colonis between their own supporters, the Lion-Scorpion war. Shibatsu advised his brother to let himself neutral respect the retribution of the Unicorn against the Phoenix Clan after their research on the Moto Curse, as he had nothing to gain by getting involved. [25]

New Emperor Edit

Shibatsu accepts his mother's choice

Shibatsu accepts his mother's choice of Seiken as new Emperor

Eventually, her mother the Empress went in seclusion to decide her official heir. Iweko I decided there was no reason not to adhere to the tradition of primogeniture, proclaiming Seiken as the future Emperor in the year 1200. [26] All Imperials were required in the capital for the coronation [27] of Seiken as Iweko II. [28] Shibatsu accepted his mother's choice. [29]

External Links Edit

Preceded by:
Kuni Renyu
Interim Governor of the Colonies
1198 - (ca. 1199)
Succeeded by:
Kuni Renyu


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