Iwasaki family
Patron family: Kakita family
Clan: Crane Clan
Founded: 1st century
Daimyo: Unknown

The Iwasaki family was a vassal family of the Kakita.

Founding Edit

In the earlier days of Rokugan, Kakita Iwasaki was sent to deal with a border dispute the Kakita Daimyo Kakita Renshu had with a Phoenix shugenja named Isawa Jirichi. Eventually, the Isawa relented and new clan borders were created that strongly favored the Crane. Renshu decided to grant Kakita Iwasaki vassal family status in return for his great performance. Iwasaki refused, requesting immediate retirement. One of his followers, Kakita Sayuri, had used her geisha connections to ply information, gaining new insight into the Phoenix's motivations and strategies. [1]

"A flower may go unnoticed, but every man relaxes amid the beauty of nature."
- Iwasaki family motto [1]

Renshu immediately declared Sayuri to be the Iwasaki family's first daimyo, granting her the city her lord had once commanded, Shiro Iwasaki. [1]

Duty Edit

The Iwasaki trained their geisha in their service to manipulate the clan's enemies and allies and to gather all manner of information on them during their conversations. Iwasaki geisha, like all geisha, were eta, while the true Iwasaki were the Merchant Patrons who sponsored the Iwasaki geisha houses. [1]

Iwasaki Daimyo Edit

Iwasaki Sayuri 1st century

See also Edit


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