Ivory Champion

Ivory Champion

The Ivory Champion was a position created by Otomo Suikihime following her ascension to the position of Imperial Governor of Second City, in the Colonies in the former Ivory Kingdoms. It ressembled the counterpart Colonial version of the Emerald Champion. [1]

Creation Edit

In 1198, in the Month of the Rooster, the Imperial Governor of the Colonies Otomo Suikihime held a contest to select her personal champion and representative. Shinjo Tselu won it, becoming the first Ivory Champion. [2]

Duties Edit

The duties of the position were ill-defined initially, but amongst which encompassed the safety fo the Governor and the organization of the Second City Guardsmen. Shinjo Tselu was the first appointed Ivory Champion. [1] His badge of office was the Ivory Sword [3] and the magistrates under his command were known as Ivory Magistrates, [4] members of the Ivory Legions. [5] He was the Head of the Ministry of Defense and Justice,  [6] the Lieutenant Magistrate was his hatamoto and the HEad of the Imperial Explorers was selected by the Ivory Champion himself. [7]

Modified Charter Edit

After the Siege of the Second City, being the Second City's governor in hiding, the position of Ivory Champion was divested from accountability to the Governor of the Second City, though its purview remained in the realm of enforcing law, not administration. [8]

Ivory Champions Edit

Shinjo Tselu c. 1198 - Present

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