Ivory Box 
Ivory Box
Created by: Ivory Kingdoms
First used by: Unknown
Currently in the possession of: Unknown

Ivory Boxes were containers made from the bone of elephants coming from the Ivory Kingdoms. [1]

Abilities Edit

The box could protect their contents against any force - physical, spiritual, or magical - that nothing within them could ever be destroyed. They could be enchanted by the tribal sahir to become sealed at the utterance of a single arcane word, never to be opened again without it. [2]

Khadi Edit

The abilities of the Ivory Boxes were well suited to contain the hearts of the Khadi. The Khadi could not raise a hand against the holder of the box and must obey the orders of the wielder as well. [3] Hanan Talibah used an Ivory Box to contain the heart of the first Khadi. [2]

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