Iuchi Yupadi 
Iuchi Yupadi 
Born: Unknown 
Died: 1199 
Spouse: Un-named Iuchi

Utaku Yupadi was a water shugenja of the Unicorn Clan, and member of the Ghost Guard. She proved her of such magical ability during her training with the Iuchi she was wed into the Iuchi Daimyo daimyo's extended family and took their name, Iuchi Yupadi. [1]

Khan's Lieutenant Edit

Yupadi was the trusted lieutenant of the khan Shinjo Min-Hee. Among their duties was to accompany many caravans to the Colonies in their first days of journey after they left Journey's End Keep. In 1198 the Khan's forces destroyed a gaijin ambushing party armed with oyumi, but they did not uncovered their identity. [2]

Colonies Edit

Yupadi was still a beauty, with the appearance and vitality of a woman perhaps half her age. She was exploring in the Colonies a vast series of plains that had been cleared of indigenous plants and wildlife. The area had been ceded to the Unicorn's control by the Imperials, [3] a region which would be known as Hasaiki's Lair. [4]

Death Edit

Yupadi was part of the combined Lion-Unicorn army which found [5] and defeated in the Western Wastes a force of gaijin Yodotai in 1199. Yupadi was one of the casualties. [6]

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