Iuchi Xien was a courtier of the Unicorn Clan.

Imperial Court Edit

Xien grew up as a courtier through the Clan War as one of Ide Tadaji's greatest students. [1] He became Tadaji's karo and diplomat to the Imperial Court. There Xien became friend of Seppun Muyoku who began to teach him in the standard Rokugani customs as he had to give up his gaijin heritage. [2]

Winter Court Edit

In 1129 Xien attended Winter Court as one of the Unicorn's representatives. Because of his name and his other gaijin mannerisms, Xien was an easy target or ridicule. Asako Haruko mocked Xien to his face, and the Unicorn challenged the Phoenix to a duel, with the nature of Bushido as the subject of the debate. Xien refuted Haruko's entire argument with his, and raised several questions that she could not answer. Xien's hidden oratory skill impressed everyone at the court, and Haruko conceded defeat. [1]

Collected Letters Edit

Kachiko's Honor Edit

One of Iuchi Xien's collected letters detailed the day that Hiruma Maruku challenged Shosuro Koshurin to a duel over the changing of the marital arrangements with Shosuro Kachiko. A young Doji Hoturi stepped in and fought for her honor in the place of her father, killing Maruku. [3]


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