Iuchi Tsung 
Iuchi Tsung 
Born: Unknown 
Died: 1169, Month of the Dragon

Iuchi Tsung was an air shugenja of the Unicorn Clan and member of the Baraunghar.

Baraunghar Edit

Tsung attended the Iuchi Shugenja school, excelling in the creation and usage of the meishodo. After his gempukku the Unicorn resumed worship of the Lords of Death, which horrified Tsung. He joined the Baraunghar as he was unwelcome in the temples. Tsung festered in battle, as he discovered when the Unicorn fought the Lion during the War of the Rich Frog. The shugenja bonded with the other soldiers and became more martial, learning Iaijutsu from a Shinjo yojimbo he met. [1]

Death Edit

During the Winter of Red Snows Tsung used his gifts to allow the Khol to travel across Lion lands, took part in the sacking of Shiranai Toshi, to finally fell to a detachment of Crane bushi defending the Imperial Palace in the final battle at Toshi Ranbo. [1]

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