Iuchi Sun Ni 
Born: Unknown 
Died: Unknown 
Titles: Kenshin Family Founder

Iuchi Sun Ni of House Kenshin was a Unicorn Clan bushi and founder of the Kenshin vassal family.

Ancestor Edit

Sun Ni was a humble descendant to Iuchi Kenshin, an Iuchi who had no been favored with the gifts of the kami, the first of a line whose male members had no gifts for shugenja and whose female members were talented on the ways of magic. Sun Ni, as Kenshin before, was sent to train as a guardsmen. [1]

Vassal Family Edit

While on patrol he saw a lone samurai attacked by bandits. He shouted a warning and killed the bandit leader with a single arrow. It turned out that Sun Ni had rescued Iuchi Yue, Iuchi's heir. The Iuchi Daimyo Iuchi Hiruko granted Sun Ni his own family, the Kenshin family. He was since made her personal yojimbo and the guard captain of Shiro Iuchi.[1]

Preceded by:
Kenshin Daimyo
1145 - ?
Succeeded by:


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