Iuchi Shunshi

Iuchi Shunshi

Iuchi Shunshi was a shugenja of the Unicorn Clan who upheld an ancient tradition, the Doomseeker.

Seeking Past Doomseekers Edit

Shunshi was not merely a priest and a warrior; he was a scholar as well. He had researched records that survived the death of the Ivory Kingdoms, scouring them for any trace of the practitioners of the Doomseeker tradition in these lands. He knew that the foul rakshasa were closely tied to this land. In 1198 Shunshi found the tomb of a Doomseeker who had died after defeating a terrible demon, a man not born in the Ivory Kingdoms, but honored by them with a sacred tomb that was hidden away, [1] in an area which would be known as Karasu's Respite. [2]

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