The Iuchi Shugenja school represented all that was important in the Iuchi family, their devotion for the magic. Its motto was "'Power is what you think it is." [1]

Tradition Edit

Iuchi shugenja were more open-minded and willing to experiment than the shugenja of most other Clans. They had learned from experience that there was no "one true way" to do magic, but many different variations and methods which could be used, altered, combined and adapted to create magical effects. The teachings of the Iuchi school were constantly changing and evolving. [2]

Known Technique Edit

Warrior Priests Edit

The Iuchi shugenja were Warrior Priests, more combat-ready than shugenja families of most other clans, though they did not favor direct damage spells. They affected the battle by aiding their allies and calling curses upon their foes, or using magic to move troops into advantageous positions. [3]

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