The Iuchi Scout Dojo, also known as the Iuchi Scout Academy, was located several miles west of Shiro Iuchi, north of Iuchi Pass. [1] It trained Iuchi Scout and Master of the Winds. [2]

Appearance Edit

The academy sat in a clearing on a high plateau, surrounded by tall evergreen trees. It was formed by three simple but extremely large buildings, set on stone foundations, with walls and roofs made of sturdy pine and spruce, painted green to deceive spying eyes. [1]

Tradition Edit

Non-Unicorn samurai could join the prestigious institution. The first test of a candidate was to defeat this camouflage and locate the institution. A second nad last test was to survive without food, water, weapon, or tool for an entire week in the wilderness of the Spine of the World Mountains. The Scouts formed small highly specialized reserve squadrons in the Khol legions. [1]


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