Iuchi Saotome was a shugenja of the Unicorn Clan.

Explorer Edit

When child Saotome discovered a cave near Shiro Iuchi which contained a small shrine. Ever since, Saotome had sought to discover the hidden and forgotten parts of the Empire. He used her training with the kami to explore the world for secrets. [1]

Colonies Edit

After the Destroyer War he explored Rokugani mountains, forests, and caves. Eventually, Saotome was sent to the Colonies, where vast jungles were dotted with the ruins of the Ivory Kingdoms. Saotome was considered to be the foremost expert on gaijin artifacts and ruins in the Second City. His superiors Shinjo Izanagi and Utaku Kimiono used his skills and knowledge to win favors and support from the other clans, especially the Phoenix. [2]

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