Iuchi Ryoi

Iuchi Ryoi

Iuchi Ryoi was a shugenja of the Unicorn Clan and Bloodspeaker.

Bloodspeaker Edit

Ryoi was a member of a Bloodspeaker cell in Kaeru Toshi, during the Third Rising of Iuchiban. He murdered Togashi Genshuo, a tattooed man who had discovered the cultist cell in the city, and who had approached Ryoi with his discovery unaware that Ryoi was secretly a part of the cell himself. [1]

Exposed Edit

When in 1166 his master Iuchiban told him to kill, the Lords of Death shattered his mind. Ryoi might still be of use to the Unicorn and was spared by the Unicorn Clan Champion Moto Chagatai. He became a Moto Death Judge. [2]

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