Iuchi Quan

Iuchi Quan

Iuchi Quan was a water shugenja and scout of the Unicorn Clan.

Family Edit

Quan was cousin of Iuchi Jadaran, and was one of his finest scouts. [1]

Ebon Daughter Edit

During the Destroyer War Jadaran and Quan were tasked to find the Ebon Daughter, the lieutenant of Kali-Ma the Destroyer. They found a trail near Ryoko Owari Toshi, leading west. They passed the information to the Kuni Witch Hunters, who had been entrusted by the Empress Iweko I with the quest of hunting the Daughter. Hiruma Masato sent Toritaka Okabe to the Northwest, while Moto Taban would aid Quan to find her in the southwest. [1]

The Forgetting Edit

In the month of the Hare of 1173 [2] Quan tracked down the trails of the Ebon Daughter. She was lured to a village where with the combined efforts of Rokugani shugenja the Daughter was cut from her source of power, kami or gaijin magic, through the modified Ritual of Forgetting. Kuni Iyedo, Moshi Kekiesu, Isawa Kumai, Yogo Rieko, and Quan were the performers. Iuchi Yue, the former Iuchi Daimyo who had become the abomination known as the Ebon Daughter, was judged in the Imperial Court by the Empress Iweko I and executed by the Crab Clan. [3]

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