Iuchi Pass

Iuchi Pass (U30)

Iuchi Pass (U30), also known as Plum Blossom Pass [1] in the Ujidera province [2] was a small and ofter overlooked pass crossing the Spine of the World Mountains. At first it was overshadowed by Beiden Pass, and then by Seikitsu Pass. The Unicorn and nearby Miya had made great use of it for hundreds of years. [3] It joined Shiro Iuchi and Turo-Kojiri, [4] but the pass could only hold a few men at a time. [5] The Nineteenth and Twenty-Ninth Junghar Legions were charged with the defense of the pass. [6]

Togashi Edit

Legend has it that the Kami Togashi first reached enlightenment in this Pass by eating a plum to break his fast. Oddly, no plum trees grow here and the climate seems to indicate that it would not have been possible for any such trees to have grown here. [7]


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