Iuchi Najato

Iuchi Najato

Iuchi Najato was a shugenja of the Unicorn Clan.

Death Priest Edit

Najato worshipped the Shi-Tien Yen-Wang, the gaijin Lords of the death. [1]

Fighting the Ninube Edit

In 1167 Shinjo Shono's daughter suffered a kidnapping or murdering attempt, which was fouled by Akasha. [2] Shono marched to Northern Hub Village with Moto Chen, Iuchi Najato, Shinjo Loruko, Shinjo Xie, and few more volunteers. Somewhere to the south were the ones responsible. They arrived in 1168 and there the Unicorn retrieved a map from men who all shared the same tattoo, a skull. [3] The map led them to the East Hub Village where they met Hokatsu, a ronin mercenary at the command of the Tortoise and leader of the East Wind. He told the tattoeed men were members of a gang bandit, the Sons of Shadow. Shono offered a bounty if the East Wind helped the Unicorn group. They reached a building where they confornted more bandits, and Najato was in an evenly matched battle of wills with a ronin shugenja, when he was aided by Mirumoto Ryosaki who cut down the ronin. Isawa Angai, and Agasha Miyoshi also joined them. Later in another fight in the nearby ruins of Otosan Uchi the kidnapper instigator, Ninube Chochu, was confronted by the Jade Legions led by Asahina Sekawa, and the group aided them. Chochu was eventually killed by Ryoseki, after the Ninube killed the Dragon's father, Doji Reju. Xie had died in the combat. [4]

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