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Iuchi Michisuna

Iuchi Michisuna

Iuchi Michisuna was a musician and poet of the Unicorn Clan who lived in Ryoko Owari Toshi.

Demeanor Edit

Michisuna had a balanced spirit with a tendency to drink. He liked to sing alongside Magda, the gaijin owner and madam of the House of Foreign Stories. [1]

Shiba Sonagon Edit

In 1121 Michisuna gave Shiba Shonagon a painted umbrella during the Days of Generosity. It was the first time they met each other. [2] On the twenty-Second Day of the Month of the Rabbit in 1122, the date of Michisuna's birthday, Shonagon read a poem during the celebrations that clearly showed her love for him, however Michisuna did not felt the same way. Shonagon left the party with her heart broken. [3]

Friend's Deaths Edit

Two of his friends, Ide Michikane and Shiba Shonagon, died within four months of each other in 1122, both due to opium overdoses. Michisuna guessed that Shanegon, who had loved him but Michisuna did not return those feelings, had committed suicide. [4]

Poetry contest Edit

Michisuna participated in a poetry contest sponsored by Bayushi Kachiko and judged by Asahina Okuni. His rival Kakita Yogoso presented a poem about Shonagon's suicide over her unrequited affection, which caused an outcry between her friends. The city magistrates avoided Yogoso was dueled on the spot. [5]


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