Iuchi Kota

Iuchi Kota

Iuchi Kota was a shugenja of the Unicorn Clan who trained with the Kuni family. [1]

Crab lands Edit

In 1171 Kota was sent to defend the Kaiu Wall under the command of Horiuchi Nobane. Following the Fall of the Wall and the death of the Crab Clan Champion Hida Kuon, Nobane led the defense of Shiro Kuni. He received words the Dragon and Phoenix Clan were marching to join the defense. The attack of the Destroyer's horde overwhelmed his forces, and he was in a brisk of death. Kota killed a gaijin demon before he could unleash a deadly stroke against his lord. [2] The defenders endured until the arrival of Dragon and Phoenix reinforcements, but they were overwhelmed. [3] In 1172 a gargantuan creature was expelling a part of itself through its back, shattering the castle walls. The Crab ordered to open the gates and carved an opening to allow the Unicorn charge against the siege monster. While the Destroyers had penetrated the defenses, fighting at the courtyard of the castle itself, Nobane's forces reached the creature and Kota burnt it to death, but it was too late and the castle was overrun [4] in the month of the Dragon. [5]

Crane lands Edit

The Unicorn forces were based in the Crane lands, from which they harassed the advance of the Destroyers in the Scorpion lands. A gigantic creature appeared at the battlefield, a monster that disturbed the kami with its presence. Nobane decided to recover himself from several wounds he took during the fights, and Kota was under direct command of the Utaku Daimyo Utaku Yu-Pan. [6]

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Iuchi Kota


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