Iuchi Konyo

Iuchi Konyo

Iuchi Konyo was a shugenja and commander of the Unicorn Clan.

Moto Death Judge Edit

Konyo embraced the worship of the lesser Fortunes the Shi-Tien Yen-Wang, becoming a Moto Death Judge. [1]

Demeanor Edit

Konyo was a violent psychopath obsessed with sending his enemies to the Lords of the Death. He was an exceedingly violent man. When not being drilled endlessly, his shugenja were forced to offer prayers to the Shi-Tien Yen-Wang and to prove their devotion to the Death Gods through extreme measures such as ritual branding and scarring. [1]

Junghar Edit

Konyo quickly rose among the Junghar, becoming a chui in charge of a reserve legion of young shugenja. [1]

Station Edit

Konyo fought the Lion, being his unit shockingly effective at holding the Lion armies at bay. After the war with the Lion ended, Konyo's superiors forced him to retire to a monastery in order to keep his behavior from becoming a further embarrassment. He returned months later, having converted the once-peaceful monks of the temple into warrior sohei willing to shed blood for their new Khan. [1]

War of Dark Fire Edit

With the gaijin Army of Fire at Rokugan borders Konyo and his fanatics loose upon the yobanjin. [1]

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