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RPG Information Edit

Iuchi Katamari 2

Iuchi Katamari

Iuchi Katamari, the Doomseeker

Statistics Edit

School/Rank Iuchi Shugenja / 4
Honor 2.2
Status 4.0
Glory 4.3
Air 3 Earth 3 Fire 3 Water 4 Void 4
Reflexes 3 Stamina 3 Agility 4 Strength 4
Awareness 3 Willpower 3 Intelligence 3 Perception 4

Advantages Edit

Disadvantages Edit

Skills Edit

Calligraphy 3
Horsemanship 5
Hunting (Survival) 5
Investigation 3
Lore: (Shadowlands) 5
Lore: (Khadi) 6
Meditation 4
Spellcraft (Maho) 4
Spears (Nage-Yari) 4
Theology (Fortunes) 3

Spells Edit

By the Light of Lord Moon, Commune, Counterspell, Fires From the Forge, Importune, Jade Strike, Near to Ice, Path to Inner Peace, Power of the Ocean, Sense, Summon, Symbol of Water, The Ties That Bind, Wave-Borne Speed, Yari of Air

Note: Spells in italics are Innate Abilities.

Major References Edit

  • Four Winds, page 104

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