Iuchi Karasu's Sai
Iuchi Karasu 3
Created by: Unknown
First used by: Iuchi Karasu
Currently in the possession of: Unknown

Iuchi Karasu's Sai was the favored weapon of Iuchi Karasu, the famous doomseeker of the Clan War and the War Against the Shadow. Karasu hunted down his nemesis Kuni Yori and aided the Naga in imprisoning the maho-tsukai's essence in a pure white pearl. Karasu was trapped in the pearl as well, though the shugenja's favored weapons and steel mask were left behind. The Isawa kept the items in the Temple of Daikoku in Gisei Toshi, believing they contained a bit of Karasu's spirit and thus a way to free him from the pearl while keeping Yori trapped. [1]


  1. Secrets of the Phoenix, p. 84

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