Iuchi Kanjin 
Born: Unknown 
Died: Unknown 
Died after return: Unknown 
Titles: Master Sensei of Gatherer of the Wind Dojo

Iuchi Kanjin was a water shugenja of the Unicorn Clan and sensei of the Gatherer of the Wind Dojo. [1]

Death Edit

Kanjin died during the War Against Shadow, but returned as spirit through the Oblivion's Gate. [1]

Returned Spirit Edit

Kanjin sided with Emperor Toturi I in the War of Spirits against Hantei XVI. His power brought him an unusual command of Shinjo and Moto samurai during the war. [1]

Sensei Edit

Kanjin, a well-rounded, serious and intimidating man with a wry sense of humor, was appointed as sensei of the Gatherer of the Wind Dojo. [1] In 1160 he met at Shiro Moto an old friend, the prominent courtier Miya Hatori. Iuchi Yue appeared to request Hatori's aid. A Phoenix had stolen a Black Scroll which had been kept under the guard of the Iuchi family, and Yue had been appointed to retrieved the Wasting Disease back. The thief had headed to Dragon lands, and Hatori provided the Iuchi Daimyo with travel papers. [2]


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