Iuchi Horse Lords were formed during the Ki-Rin's Exodus, famous for their prowess on horseback with both spells and weapons, displaying not only magical and spiritual talent but also tremendous physical condition, and a a very close bond with their own steed. [1]

Training Edit

Each apprentice was taught by a senior member of the group, who took him on extended trips while teaching him the group's history and its ways of casting spells from horseback. [2]

Duties Edit

A Horse Lord was free to serve the Unicorn as he saw fit, whether working as an itinerant priest, watching over a herd like the Utaku Stable Masters, or serving in the armies of the Unicorn. [2]

History Edit

Origin Edit

Some said that a shugenja-ko born to the Otaku during the time when the families of the Unicorn were wandering separate from each other. Raised as a battle maiden, she developed a talent for magic influenced by the close bond she maintained with her steed. Another said that a young shugenja from the Shinjo family who watched archers training to fire from horseback and found himself wishing he had the same accuracy with his spells. Another story told of an unnamed samurai who fell in love with one of Shinjo's shapeshifter children and devoted his life to finding a way to better understand and communicate with horses. [3]

Baraunghar Edit

In the 12th century the Unicorn armies were reorganized in three armies, and many of the Horse Lords joined the Baraunghar. [2]


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