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Iuchi Hari

Iuchi Hari

Iuchi Hari was a shugenja Baraunghar of the Unicorn Clan.

Early Years Edit

Shortly after his gempukku at the Gatherer of the Winds Dojo, Haru accompanied a caravan leaving the Unicorn provinces. His sensei was impressed with the youth's wanderlust, and granted Hari the chance to see the Empire. During a short stay in Mantis lands, the Unicorn stumbled upon a Bloodspeaker gathering. Hari was forced to flee, and even he escaped from a Tsuruchi magistrate Hari attempted to tell his story to ended up being an agent of the Bloodspeaker cell. [1]

Duty at the Wall Edit

In 1159 Hari was the Unicorn emissary in the Crab Clan after the Carpenter Wall fell. He was at Iuchi Lixue's command. Hari was send to Yasuki lands to gather reinforcements to aid the besieged Shiro Hiruma. Daidoji Rekai would take the message. [2]

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