Iuchi Eniki was an old shugenja of the Unicorn Clan. [1]

Family Edit

Eniki had a nephew, Shinjo Renari, and a granddaughter, Iuchi Hotaiko. [2]

Lying Darkness Edit

Eniki and Renari led a Unicorn group which were aware of the dangers of the Lying Darkness and its servants. They bore crystal pendants to protect them and to identify their concealed enemies. They camped at day and rode at night, as the best tactic to keep them away from minions of the Shadows. The group had taken one of the minions as a prisoner, bound by crystal charms. They were returning to allow the creature to be shown to their [[daimyo], so the danger of the Darkness could be realized by the Empire. [3]

Kaagi Edit

The group was met by Kitsuki Kaagi, a Kitsuki Magistrate, who came to them as a Shadow hunter. The group was leaving the place and escaped from Goju Ninja pursuers, who were trying to release their kin. [3]

Death Edit

After they crossed the Dragon-Unicorn border they were heavily attacked. Eniki used her last energies to speed the group up, disengaging from the pursuers. The next day she passed away. [4]


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