Iuchi Daiyu 
Iuchi Daiyu 
Born: Unknown 
Died: 1132 
Died after return: c. 1148 
Children: Un-named son,
Iuchi Shahai 
Titles: Iuchi Daimyo

Iuchi Daiyu was the daimyo of the Iuchi family in the time leading up to the Scorpion Clan Coup and through the Clan Wars, into the reign of Toturi I until he died.

Early Years Edit

Daiyu was trained in the Iuchi Shugenja school, and he was a self-made man, He even refused to learn alongside the Phoenix Elemental Masters, because he believed any knowledge could be attained for himself. [1]

Talents Edit

Daiyu was known for combining the common shugenja magics with that of gaijin magics from the Burning Sands, most notably meishodo. He also had an 'inner gift' for being able to understand the language of animals. [2] His abilities allowed him to protect his unit from enemy missile fire. [3]

Family Edit

Iuchi Shahai was the youngest child and only daughter of Iuchi Daiyu. She bore such a striking resemblance to her late mother that Daiyu could refuse her nothing, so Shahai grew as a spoiled young. [4] Daiyu had a nephew, Iuchi Katta. [5]

Otaku Kamoko Edit

Omens Edit

Iuchi Daiyu 2

Iuchi Daiyu

Daiyu was present when Kouchi, the favourite mare of Otaku Kamoko, was giving birth. Despite the efforts of the Stable Master Otaku Kojiro, Kouchi died and the foal was pronounced a stillborn, and Daiyu deemed the two deaths very bad omens. The twelve year old daughter of Kamoko refused to accept this, having been promised the foal by her mother before she died a few months ago. The girl breathed air into the foal's mouth, resussitating it. Daiyu and Kojiro were alerted to the act by the stable boy Otaku Masero, and Daiyu noted that the the foal had a distinctive marking on one of it's ankles. He named it a mark of Osano-Wo, and prophesized that there would be war but not death by the time the girl reached her gempukku. [6]

"But mark my words stablemaster, by the time this child reaches her gempukku, there will be war on us all."

Otaku's Chosen Heir Edit

A few years later Daiyu had been at the girl's gempukku ceremony, who he had taken as his student, but his demeanor was troubled during the evening celebrations. The girl, who had taken her mother's name, noticed and asked what had affected him so and he told her of an old prophecy that Otaku herself was to appear and designate her chosen heir, but no such manifestation had appeared. Otaku Kamoko told Daiyu to forget old legends and instead enjoy the festivities. As she rode off he was still troubled, recalling how the Unicorn were prophesized to loose an upcoming war if the heir was not found. [8]

"An old prophecy, samurai. One that foretold Otaku herself would come through the flames of the evening, and show us her chosen heir."

That same evening Kamoko was riding her horse Hachiman when a lightning strike started a flash fire. The fire would kill the pregnant mares in the stable by the north field, so Kamoko rode through a forest on fire to get there in time. She led the mares out, and even carried Hachiman's own colt out with her. They drove mares through the woods. Trees on fire all around them, they were almost to safety when a treebranch camme falling down towards them. Resigned to her fate, Kamoko wrapped her arms aound the colt in an attempt to shield it. At the last moment, the branch was cut out of the air by a silvery sword wielded by a ghostly samurai-ko on horseback. As the horses broke out of the burning forest and past the water brigade, they were greeted by cheers from the heimin and Otaku Kojiro. Kamoko revealed to Daiyu that she had seen Lady Otaku in the fire, and Daiyu confirmed that Otaku had indeed chosen Kamoko as her heir. [9]

"You are indeed worthy to be the heir of the Otaku line, and I believe, with you beside us, we will win this war."

Otosan Uchi Edit

Daiyu lived in Otosan Uchi, where he spent time in study with his former student Ide Tadaji. [11]

Intervening in Falcon affairs Edit

In 1122 a group of Naga emerged from the Shinomen Forest into a Falcon village. The farmers believed they were under attack by the Shadowlands and fled the area. The Falcon attempted to get assistance from the Crab Clan, but the Crab were insulted when a rookie Falcon diplomat described the Naga as "escapees" from the Shadowlands. The Crab instead conquered the village and brought in their own heimin to work the fields. The Iuchi offered to help the Falcon for a price, so Toritaka Tsimari was sent to winter court at Kyuden Seppun, where they expected to finally reach a bargain with Daiyu, to wage war against the Crab Clan on behalf of the Falcon Clan. The Iuchi had been pressed by Shinjo Gidayu, who was requesting full support to the Falcon's claim, but Daiyu did not know what was the reason that fuelled Gidayu's demand. [12] The fledging alliance with the Falcon lasted the lifespan of Tsimaru, who suddenly died during a hunt at Kyuden Seppun in winter 1124. [13]

Imperial Museum Edit

Daiyu was concerned with a strange happening while he was visiting the Imperial Museum of Antiquities. He began to heard "voices" among the exhibits, as if they were talking directly to him. [14] Many of the exhibits were highly realistic statues of any kind of creatures, from Rokugan and beyond. Daiyu did not know these "statues" were living petrified creatures trapped within its own hardened shell by a ritual magic cast centuries ago by the museum's founder, Kuni Hazu. In 1123 the spell was fading and the creatures would roam free. [15] Daiyu heard the voices because of his gift to speak with the animals.

Clan War Edit

Daiyu witnessed shadowlands forces to freely march around the Imperial Palace, under the reign of the possesed Emperor Hantei XXXIX. [16]

Storms over Matsu Palace Edit

Iuchi was at the side of Shinjo Hanari in the battle Storms over Matsu Palace. [17]

Fighting Bloodspeakers Edit

It was Daiyu who sent Iuchi Karasu to compete in the tournament of the Jade Champion, concerned at the rise of Bloodspeaker activity after the Second Day of Thunder. [citation needed] Ironically, his own daughter Iuchi Shahai would grow to become one of the greatest of the Bloodspeakers. [18]

Shahai Revealed as Bloodspeaker Edit

In 1132 Iuchi Shahai told her father the dark path she had willingly taken, and escaped. [19]

Death Edit

Iuchi Daiyu 1

Aged Daiyu

Daiyu was killed by his daughter Shahai [20] in 1132. [21] He was succeeded by Iuchi Karasu. [22]

After Death Edit

Spirit returned Edit

Daiyu came back to Rokugan through Oblivion's Gate to fight the Lying Darkness. [23]

Second Death Edit

Daiyu was later killed by his daughter Iuchi Shahai, who had been turned to the path of maho by the corrupting spirit of Yogo Junzo two decades after his death on the Second Day of Thunder. [24]

Legion of the Dead Edit

Daiyu joined the Legion of the Dead, to aid in the fight against the Legion of Blood in the Realm of Thwarted Destinies. [25]

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External Links Edit

Preceded by:
Iuchi Daimyo
? - 1132
Succeeded by:
Iuchi Karasu


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