Please note: This article is about the bushi of the Lion Clan who became the ronin. For other uses of the term, please see Itto (disambiguation).
Born: Unknown 
Died: Unknown 
Parents: Mochiko

Matsu Itto of House Goseki was a bushi of the Lion Clan who became the ronin Itto after the destruction of his family.

Goseki family destruction Edit

Doji Retsu was a ruthless duelist and general who seized Toshi Ranbo from the Lion Clan in a daring and violent incursion that destroyed the Goseki family, vassal of the Lion, [1] in 1118. [2]

Survivors Edit

Mochiko, a goseki servant, was the only survivor. She escaped the battle with her own young son and a young girl as well. [3] Later the son, Itto, became the only remmant of his family, and was known as the ronin Itto. [4]

Ronin Edit

He was appreciated by the locals of Chikuzen, in the Damasu territory, and he was described as brave, handsome, and bold warrior. Itto performed odd jobs, like protecting the local merchants' caravans, protecting stores and generally acting to solve problems, including capturing bandits. [5]

Damasu family destruction Edit

Itto was loyal to Damasu Kojima, who died in battle during the assault to the Kyotei Castle made by Retsu, the Tsume Daimyo who had killed the Goseki. When the victor requested the seppuku of all samurai loyal to the Damasu family Itto did not follow. Instead he became the guardian of the only Damasu member alive, Reika, who was an infant. When she grew Itto explained his ancestry, but kept the secrecy to the rest. During twenty years they lived in the actual Tsume lands at Chikuzen. [6]

Revenge Edit

Reika had been sold as a slave and worked as geisha in the Pine House. [7] Itto became her bodyguard to avoid any suspicion on their actual relation. The locals believed Reika was his lover and that she also was lover of Tsume Takashi, son and heir to Retsu. [8] Takashi had fallen in love with Reika, and she used him to gain access to the castle. There she moved to Retsu's chambers and stabbed him in the heart [7] in 1122. The plot was discovered by a group of magistrates. [9]

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