Created by: Unknown
First used by: Bayushi
Currently in the possession of: Currently unused in Tengoku

Itsuwari was the Ancestral Sword of the Scorpion Clan, the sword once carried by Bayushi himself. [1]

Abilities and Appearance Edit

The sword made its wielder appear as if he were standing directly beside where he was actually standing, making him very difficult to hit. Once the power of the sword was overcome, it could never be used on that opponent again. [2] The saya was made from red wood so dark it seemed almost black, the top half adorned with strands of red and bronze-colored silk, tightly woven around it. Simple plates of a dark golden color made up the bottom end of the saya. [3]

Tradition Edit

Itsuwari was not usually carried by the Scorpion Clan Champion, and instead entrusted the blade to another, so the location of the sword remained a mystery. [4]

History Edit

Forged Edit

Legends said that Itsuwari was a gift from Shosuro to the Kami Bayushi. There was no accompanying wakizashi. [4]

Shoju Edit

In the early 12th century Bayushi Shoju broke the tradition and took the blade from his legitimate guardian, his cousin Shosuro Taberu. [5]

Scorpion Coup Edit

Shoju changed Itsuwari for Ambition, just prior Scorpion Coup. [6] He passed the Scorpion Ancestral Sword to Bayushi Yojiro, in order to protect the sword if the Coup failed. [7] [8] [9] [10]

Reinstatement of the Scorpion Edit

After the Scorpion Clan returned from his exile in the Burning Sands and reinstated as a great Clan Bayushi Kachiko met Yojiro at Kyuden Bayushi. The magistrate presented her the sword he had kept safe. [11] Itsuwari was guarded in the hands of Bayushi Aramoro. [12]

Loss of the Sword Edit

When Amaterasu ordered that the Ancestral Swords be scattered among the heavens as retribution for the death of Onnotangu, Itsuwari was taken from Ningen-do and placed in Tengoku. [13]

Known Wielders and Keepers Edit

External Links Edit


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