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Akodo Itoku was a bushi, paragon and tactician of the Lion Clan. He retired from active duty becoming the monk Itoku in the Order of Strength.

Family Edit

Akodo Itoku

Akodo Itoku

Itoku was the son of a Akodo War College's sensei, [1] and cousin of Akodo Rokku. [2]

Shiro Moto on sight Edit

In 1170 Akodo Shigetoshi, the Akodo Daimyo put to the torch the empty village of Kaiten Mura, five miles from Shiro Moto during the Lion march to Shiro Moto. Shigetoshi ordered Akodo Bakin to send Akodo Hachigoro and Itoku's legions to clear the way to the Unicorn capital, with the Matsu legion the Lion Clan Champion Matsu Yoshino commanded following closely behind. From the burning village Shinjo Shono and a small Unicorn cavalry unit appeared, and rode against the flank of Yoshino's forces. Shigetoshi charged to intercept Shono's forces. [3]

Shireikan Edit

Itoku was assigned Shireikan of the Akodo army, filling the ranks the battle had caused. He was stationed at Bishamon Seido and met his friend Matsu Watako. [1]

Gaijin Tactical Book Edit

A gaijin book with tactical diagrams was found within the Unicorn loot the Lion took when they were returning victorious from the Fall of Shiro Moto. He and Watako showed it to the recently appointed superior, Matsu Takenao, who tasked Itoku to pass it to the Lion Clan Champion Akodo Shigetoshi. From the beginning it looked as an important manual, despite the language was not understood at that time. [1] Ikoma Akiyama, the Imperial Librarian, sent to them a book written in Senpet language by the General Abresax after his defection to the Scorpion Clan. This gave them a key to translate it to Rokugani language. [4] The book was called De Bellis Yoditorum. [5]

Retired monk Edit

Itoku retired to a monastery of the Order of Strength as the monk Itoku. [6] In 1172 during the Destroyer War he and other monks were spirited by the letters of his cousin Rokku, currently a monk. He wrote that the time for action had come, so he had decided to leave the monastic life and march to the battlefield again. Itoku was accompanied by two monks, Tokiko, a former Phoenix shugenja, and Makito, who said he was seeking penance. All three met Rokku to fight the Destroyers. [2]

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