The Itochu River originated in Tsunegawa Lake and flowed southeast out of the Naishou province, eventually joining one of Rokugan's main navigable waterways. [1] It was used to transport goods within and outside the province, with two ports within the province's capital, Toshi no Naishou, located in the right bank of the river. In the other side sat the Hinin Village. [2] Alongside the river were located many fishing villages, which were also communication hubs between the more remote parts of the province and its capital city. [3] The river was wide and deep enough to allow large kobune to sail its entire length. However, the waters became faster and more dangerous south of Toshi no Naisou. [4]

Itochu no Kami Edit

Shugenja confirmed that the kami of the river, Itochu no Kami, was particularly powerful and responsive. He was usually represented as a benevolent bearded man with blue skin, a basket full of fish by his side, usually teaching kindly lessons to the young and the foolish, sharing the values of patience, peace, and hard work. The large salamanders found there were believed to be his servants. [4]

Legends Edit

A favorite topic of riverside folk was the legendary race of Ningyo, who supposedly saved the unfortunate from drowning but also punished the greedy by luring them to their doom with false promises of pearls. [5]


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