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Please note: This article is about the worker headman in the Peasant District in the Second City. For other uses of the term, please see Ito (disambiguation).

Ito was the worker headman in the Peasant District in the Second City. [1]

Bullied Edit

The magistrate Yoritomo Kanaye was considered a dangerous, violent, and unpredictable man. In 1199 he came to Ito with Scorpion iron rods, requesting to alter them to make it seemed like the Daidoji made it. The Mantis were at war with the Crane, so Kanaye devised it appeared the Cranes were diverting their iron shipments owed to the Empress away for their war efforts. Ito was forced to forge the marks, and he must to do a good enough job for Kanaye not to have to kill Ito to keep this quiet. [1]


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