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Itako, a Reibai [1] who took the name from the Kawaru folk seers, [2] was a ronin shugenja around the time of the War Against Shadow, noted for being blind and rumored to be a prophet. [3] He was a minion of the Shadows.

Prophet Edit

Itako claimed to be the new Uikku. [4]

  • "He will return, but not as he once was. He will be changed, and his eyes will show the darkness that has consumed him." [5]
  • "They will rise, and the prize shall be theirs. But be warned, do not destroy what you cannot rebuild." [6]

New Tao Edit

Isawa Osugi compiled the conversation between Toturi and the Hooded Ronin in 1129 which became known as the New Tao. [7] Itako aided the Brotherhood of Shinsei in its research of understanding within the words of the New Tao, but after several months they still did not understand the paths set forth by the Hooded Ronin. [8]

Lying Darkness Edit

The Shadow created part of the prophecies made by Itako, and impersonated Itako, being a nothing minion as well. [9]

External Links Edit

  • Itako (Hidden Emperor 4)


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