Island of Lost Wilderness

Island of Lost Wilderness (MC2)

Island of Lost Wilderness, (MC2) [1] also known as Komori island, was a tiny island amongst the Islands of Spice and Silk. [2]

Ecology Edit

The island was covered in wild jungle populated by vicious animals and strange spirits, and the Miya family declared the island to be uninhabitable, and it remained marked that way in the Imperial records until the 12th century. The boundaries between each of the Spirit Realms were weak in the island to keep out unwanted spirits from the other realms, and a tribe of koumori lived there in solitude. [3] The koumori spirits lived in a network of caves in the side of one of the small forested mountains near the island's center. </span>The caves contained several portals to Chikushudo[4] Many of the flowers and fruits were poisonous. A variety of venomous and constrictor snakes, highly dangerous scorpions and spiders, a curious species of poisonous frog, Komodo Dragon and jaguars were part of its fauna. [5]

Monastery Edit

There was a monastery devoted to Osano-Wo outside the island's city, near the shore. [6] In 1133 it housed a tainted infant who would later be revealed as Yoritomo Kumiko, Yoritomo's daughter. [2]

Komori Edit

Yoritomo Komori had been one of Yoritomo Aramasu's chief advisors, and perhaps the most important shugenja in the entire Mantis Clan. When Aramasu was assassinated in 1159 Komori immediately shaved his head and entered the monastery devoted to Osano-Wo. [6]

Bat Clan Edit

In 1165, Emperor Toturi III granted Komori his own Minor Clan, the Bat Clan, for personal services rendered to the Emperor. Komori Island became part of the Bat Clan's territory, [2] as a gift of the Mantis Clan Champion Kumiko. Kyuden Komori was made the capital of the new clan. [1] Komori made a deal with the Komori whio lived there, the Bat would protect them from the spirits that might rampage through the boundaries. In exchange, the koumori would allow the humans to create their home on the island. [3] Many predators still lived in the jungles, so samurai and peasant alike remained vigilant, which fostered a sense of camaraderie between the island inhabitants. The Bat were quite friendly toward each other, blurring the lines which divided heimin and samurai. [7]

Yoritomo Singh Edit

Rama Singh, a gaijin Kshatriya of the Ivory Kingdoms, swore fealty to the Mantis Clan in the monastery in 1167. [8]


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