Ishibei province

Ishibei province (Hi4)

The Ishibei province (Hi4) was a Hida controlled province. [1] It was the southernmost Hida province, a rocky and desolate region dominated by the low, jagged peaks of the Twilight Mountains. [2]

The Great WallEdit

The Kaiu Kabe began in this province, stretching up along it's western border into the Ishigaki province, and the Kawa sano Seigo no Kamae ran along the Wall in this province. [1] The Fortress of the Forgotten [3] and the Kaiu Pass, the easiest way to move troops across the Twilight Mountains, was located within the province. [4]

History Edit

The Battle of the Cresting Wave was fought there in 815. [5]

Nearby provinces Edit

The Ishibei province was bordered by Ishigaki province (Hi5) to the north and the Adauchi province (K2) to the northeast, the Kinbou province (Hr3) and Earthquake Fish Bay to the south, Ienikaeru province (Hr2) to the west and the Kyoukan province (Hi3) to the east. [1] The Tidal Landbridge connected this province to the Crane Shinkyou province. [6]


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