Ishanti Crystal 
Ishanti Crystal
Created by: Unknown
First used by: Unknown
Currently in the possession of: Ashalan

The Ishanti Crystal was a powerful artifact of the Ashalan placed in the City of the Seventh Star. Those who give of themselves, both literally (by olood) and figuratively (by deed), become linked by this mystical relic. [1]

Power Edit

The crystal emanated power, and those who were near it healed their wounds quickly. Every member of the Council of Twelve could see through the eyes of a Blood-Sworn while they were near the crystal. If two of the Council were beside it, they could teleport anyone to their presence, wherever they were. [2]

Ritual Edit

The Ashalan Blood-Sworn through a ritual involving the Ishanti Crystal sharpened their senses and they became the ideal guardians of their people. [3] This enhancement was not always enough, and the souls of the dead Ashalan were not possible to be tracked in this way. [4] All the members of the Council of Twelve were linked to the crystal. [1]

New Blood-Sworn Edit

After the New Year a new Ashalan was selected in the Blood-Sworn ranks, between the many applicants every year tried to enter. The new member bled his blood over the crystal, as a symbol he would give his life for the Ashalan race. [2]

Awakening Edit

After the Awakening in 1132 few Ashalan were alive, and the crystal sensed it. Its glow became stronger, and it was considered a sign of hope between the immortal race. [2]


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