Born: Unknown 
Died: Unknown 
Children: Several un-named

Ishada was a tainted shugenja of the Mantis Clan.

Children's Death Edit

Ishada had an apprentice, Soshi Umeka, but pressed her too far. She took revenge killing Ishada's children. Umeka fled, but she was hunted down by the Kuni Witch Hunter Kuni Kiyoshi. [1]

Mantis Civl War Edit

Corrupted Edit

Ishada was a supporter of the current Mantis Clan Champion, Yoritomo Kitao, in the Mantis Civil War. [2] Ishada, who had had previous exposure to maho, was manipulated by the onisu Settozai. Without intervention, it whispered, Kitao would lose, and Ishida would be persecuted. Ishada agreed to hide the Onisu nearby waiting the time when the two Champions approached each other. [3]

Raid to Kyuden Gotei Edit

In 1160 Kitao sailed toward the Mantis capital, Kyuden Gotei, to retake it from Yoritomo Kumiko. Ishada summoned a typhoon who covered their approach, but a waterspout appeared toward the Kitao's flagship, Bitter Flower. Kitao's general, Yoritomo Naizen, used the Helm of Thunder to control the situation, but instead turned the balance to favor Kitao, he decided that the best Mantis would triumph, disappearing both the spout and typhoon. With the visibility recovered, Kumiko sailed to the Bitter Flower and boarded it. Kumiko faced off with Kitao and defeated her, but spared her live. At this point, Settozai, who had been laying in wait and feeding on the clan's emotions during the conflict, was forced out of hiding, weakened with the sincere gift freely given by Kumiko. Tsuruchi Okame fired a Crystal Arrow to the Onisu, and Kumiko single-handedly slew the Onisu. Kitao was alive but her hatred woould not let her to forgive Kumiko. [2]

External Links Edit

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