Isawa Yuzuki 
Born: Unknown 
Children: Several un-named

Isawa Yuzuki was a shugenja of the Phoenix Clan in the Second City.

Colonies Edit

Isawa Yuzuki came to the Colonies at an advanced age despite the wishes of her adult children. She was accompanied by her yojimbo Shiba Sora. Years of study in the shrines of the Phoenix had left her unsatisfied. There she discovered a kinship with a younger shugenja, Isawa Teiko. Both believed that valuable knowledge could be found in the ruined Ivory Kingdoms. [1]

Gaijin Lore Edit

The elderly shugenja was at odds with the Phoenix delegation head, Asako Souta, who was contrary to Yuzuki's demands for more expeditions into the jungles of the Ivory Kingdoms. [2] Asako Kyuudo discussed with Yuzuki that not all gaijin knowledge was beneficial to the Empire, and Inquisitors had to oversee the lore retrieved in the Colonies. [3]

Relationship Edit

Yuzuki began a secret relationship with Kitsuki Shimada, an old ambassador of the Dragon Clan to the colonial capital. They used to share gossip, as she also did with Isawa Teiko. They were within the city in 1198 during the Siege of the Second City. [4]

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